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Week 2 Bootleg List

June 21st, 2019

Big  list this week.  Many great bootlegs out there.  The song is Wild Mountain Honey by The Steve Miller Band from 1977 in Los Angeles. Any questions, or inquiries are most welcome.


Metallica-1984 J Bee's Rock III-Middletown, NY

Phil Collins-2019 Napier, New Zealand

The Police-1982 Gateshead, United Kingdom

Tom Petty-1977 Cologne, Germany

Mark Knopfler-1996 London, England

The Beatles-Lost Album Boxset Vol 1-18

Blackfoot-1981 Donnington, England

UFO-1980 Reading Festival, England

Mark Knopfler-Rare Session Vol 1-4

Stevie Wonder-1984 Detroit, Michigan

Tom Petty-1979 Houston Music Hall, Texas

The Psychedelic Furs-1984 Radio City, New York

Steve Miller Band-1977 Los Angeles, California

Jerry Garcia Band-1980 Providence, Rhode Island

Fleeetwood Mac-1987 Fresno, California

Jefferson Airplane-1967 San Luis Obispo, California

Bruce Springsteen-2003 Pac Bell Park, San Francisco

Eric Clapton-1986 New York, New York

Frank Sinatra-1968 Oakland, California

Charlie Daniels-1974 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Johnny Winter-1974 San Diego, California

Sting-1987 Buenos Aires, Argentina

Metallica-Broadcast Archives Volume 1-3

Marshall Tucker Band-1973 Hempstead, New York

Kansas-1977 Palladium, New York